Phutawan was founded in 2001 in Thailand with the vision to produce natural skin care product that do not contain harmful chemical additives. The brand started with sharing of natural product with family and friends, has since expanded to more than 20 branches in Thailand and internationally marketed in more than 10 countries globally.

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I first tried out Phutawan natural products when I visited Thailand in 2015. I find that its hand cream and soft lip product was such a pleasant smell and moisturized my skin. I tried all the flavours, love all of them! Everyone have their own preference, mine is pomegranate for both hand cream & lip balm.

The difference of Phutawan natural product is that it doesn’t cause irritation to my sensitive lip and skin as other product would. I have been regular customer of this brand since then.

Susan Chan

Age 25, Selangor

During my first pregnancy, I was given Phutawan Coconut Oil as a gift. I used it as application to my body to prevent stretch mark and skin dryness. I took it as my daily supplement and it helps with my constipation issue!

I continued with the Coconut Oil from Phutawan even after giving birth due to its pureness in smell and tasted good as well. Also, helps to boost my energy level as a new mother 😀

Mother Alyssia

Age 30, Negeri Sembilan

Well, everyone around me knows that I have an extreme insomnia problem. I was on my holiday when I came across this Phutawan Shop selling all types of organic products. I saw this Deep Sleep & Good Night sleep pillow spray on their shelf and I was like “Are you sure?”…. Ok, no harm trying right? So, I bought their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

And YES! It works on me. It helps to relax & calm my mind and the scent is so good! Love it so much. Highly recommended. Finally I can get it easily from Malaysia now. Cheers!

Jamie Ng

Age 28, Kuala Lumpur

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